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Our Favonius® collection for 2023



Made exclusively from the Touriga Nacional grape variety. In the Lisboa region this variety becomes less floral and more fresh fruit. The region also makes it harder to mature red wines, both in colour and in tannin content. For this very reason, we opted to shorten the maceration, gaining less tannins and keeping the fresh fruit, making an easy drink type of wine, without loosing the variety and regional characteristics.


Pet Nat

Pet Nat is short for the french Petillant Naturel — Natural Sparkling. This is a sparkling wine made by a ancient method in which the wine is bottled while there is still some sugar left, finishing the alcoholic fermentation process inside the bottle. The resulting CO2 provides its sparkling characteristics.

It is made from grape variety Touriga Nacional, one of the most recognized in Portugal, especially in the Douro and Dão regions. In the Lisboa region, under the influence of the Atlantic Ocean and the clay-limestone soil, the grapes get more acidic and this variety becomes less floral and more fresh fruit.

We made an early harvest to preserve the variety’s freshness, lower the alcohol content and get a more vibrant taste and aroma.


Skin Contact

The grape varieties chosen for this wine are two of the most important in the Lisboa region: Fernão Pires and Arinto. Fernão Pires has a medium acidity and high intensity in the aroma and for that reason it was made dominant, in this Skin Contact.

We used a fermentation process usually applied to red wines but in this case using white wine varieties, in which the skins are kept during fermentation, thus extracting more tannins and obtaining a fuller taste and the more interesting varietal aromas.

The Arinto variety is used in a smaller proportion to add more vibrant flavour, a common trait in all our wines.



This white wine is made using an off skins fermentation, using just the juice without the skins. The grape bunches were pressed whole to create a natural filter that reduzes turbidity in the must. This process improves the alcoholic fermentation by indigenous yeasts, the only ones used in our wines.

The dominant grape variety is Arinto, which has a greater richness of organic acids in the Lisboa region and a more neutral aroma, allowing the terroir to be better expressed. A smaller proportion of Fernão Pires is added to increase complexity and a fuller taste.

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