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The Wine

Authentic Wines® is a brand created by two friends who share the same attitude towards life — be authentic in everything we do! The wines are no exception!

We produce natural wines, made only with fresh fermented juice. Nothing is added nor subtracted, keeping the wine whole and allowing it to reveal the natural characteristics of the grape varieties and geography. Our wines have an Atlantic influence, with natural acidity and freshness, sometimes even saltiness. We use organic farming to grow Portuguese grape varieties, mainly local,  in Lisboa region, near the western sea coast of Portugal.

We supervise all operations in the vineyard, with a purpose: achieving the highest quality and freshness on the grapes, in a sustainable way. This is a very important aspect when producing natural wines, because we have limited options to correct production mistakes in the cellar.

Knowledge, experience, friendship and shared values make us believe in what we do —
Authentic Wines for Authentic People!

The Nurturer

My name is Pedro Cabanita. I love rugby. I admire its values of friendship, respect, teamwork and commitment. I try to follow the same values with family, friends and work and want to make them all grow strong and healthy.

I am also an agronomist, but my experience comes more from the world of multinationals in the fertilizer and bio-stimulant industry, mainly in the marketing department, but also in R&D and sales.

I met Rodrigo a long time ago at our University degree in Agronomics, in Lisbon, and have been in collaboration with him ever since, including work on the role of bio-stimulants in vineyards, and their influence on the quality of wine. More recently, I worked mainly on developing the market of Organic Farming products, just like we use in our wines.

The Winemaker

My name is Rodrigo Martins. I’m from the Lisboa region and know it well. My home town, Óbidos, is a touristic but also a cultural hub, so my first passion was music. I play trumpet and have directed as a maestro on many occasions. I gave up on going professional when, at university, a special teacher expanded my view of vineyards and wines and I decided this would be my future.

After a degree in Agronomics and a masters in wine making, I gathered a long experience in several regions of Portugal. As a judge in international contests, such as the International Wine Challenge, in London, I expanded my knowledge on international wines. During this process, some of my wines have been awarded with international medals. In recent years, I became ever more interested in natural wines, and have achieved recognition amongst colleagues and specialists, mainly with my other brand espera, a project I have with my wife.